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Shield House by RC3 - Sustainable Design with Reclaimed Timbers.


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Photo of the Shield House, a unique building constructed using timbers from a 1790's barn, featuring green construction methods like geothermal and passive solar orientation

Constructed using the timbers from a 1790's barn, the Shield House is a reincarnation of ancient wood. Blending steel, glass, stone and timbers, this residence designed and built by rc3 employs several green construction methods, including geothermal, passive solar orientation, spring- fed water supply and low V.O.C. finishes.

The JungHaus modern design perfectly mirrors my client's taste. Drawing inspiration from old weathered tobacco barns, the structures massing from the front conceals the expansive glass, walk-out back that has views for miles. Topped with a concealed 40- panel solar array and geo-thermal system, the JungHaus is an energy sipper.

ungHaus Modern Design - Energy-Efficient with Solar Array and Geo-Thermal System.
The Apiary Event Space in Lexington - Design by RC3 with Salvaged Materials.

In the heart of downtown Lexington, The Apiary is one of the finest event spaces in the world. Having been involved from it's inception, through design and much of it's construction, The Apiary was a labor of love and a place of discovery. From the garden walls built with Lexington's original street pavers, to salvaged doors from a forgotten girls school, the stories are as interesting and beautiful as the materials. Hand- crafted place.

The Samuel's House is Bourbon Country Holy Ground. Having fallen out of the family 50 years ago, the homestead of the Samuel's family was recently aquired. rc3 was enlisted to bring the home into the 21st century, displaying priceless Maker's Mark artifacts in a Bourbon Tour Air-BnB. Combining modern amenites with irreplacable history, the Samuel's House will preserve this legacy.

Antique Wax Melter from Maker's Mark - Historic Piece at Samuel's House Bourbon Country Air-BnB. Showcasing RC3's Restoration Blending Modern Amenities with Bourbon Legacy.

The Binford Home is a new residence on Lake Herrington in central Kentucky. Using the steep grade from the road to the lake as an asset, the house is clad in limestone from the excavation, creating a stone facade that disguises what lies behind. The house is sliced through with a timber frame portico which transitions to a vaulted great room. The timbers were salvaged from the owner's homestead farm in Indiana, while the cedar post were from the site. The longitudinal orientation of the structure ensured the least amount of site disturbance.

Binford Home on Lake Herrington - Sustainable Architecture with Limestone and Salvaged Timber.
Bungalow Home on Kastle Road - Sustainable Features with Solar Technology.

Nestling a new Bungalow style home in a quiet residential neighborhood defines this project. Owner supplied stone and timbers salvaged from a 100- year old cabin, combined with a solar hot water heater, state of the art precast foundation and low V.O.C. finishes bring the best of the old and the new.

The Shambhala Meditation Center incorporated an existing, simple, 1950's commercial structure with a new 800 sf addition. Having been located next door in a 2-story house for the previous 20 years, the new center accommodates the community in a much more holistic way. A center, not only for meditation, but art and musical performances, it is a fresh addition to the evolving tapestry of downtown Lexington.

Shambhala Meditation Center - Modern Community Space by RC3.
Custom Home on Newtown Pike - Unique Design with Hand-Hewn Timbers.


This new custom home was designed to fit the scale of the farm. Downplayed roof lines let the materials be the star. Hand- hewn timbers, concrete masonry brick and salvaged wood floors combine to give it character and durabilty.

This renovation in one of Lexington's finest old neighborhoods combines the best of the modern and traditional. Award winning kitchen design becomes the heart of the home, and a place for multi-generational interaction.

Modern-Traditional Kitchen in South Ashland Renovation, Lexington - Award-Winning Design Fostering Multi-Generational Interaction.
Renovated Iroquois Hunt Club - RC3's Restoration with Antique Poplar.


The Iroquois Hunt Club is an iconic structure in Central KY. Built in 1807, rc3 was asked to renovate the sunroom addition that was added in later years. Converting plywood ceilings and aluminum sliders to an antique poplar vaulted ceiling, beams and doors, this renovation remains much appreciated by members and guests.

Tilt-up concrete panels let this sanctuary soar. Designed while at Sheeley Architects in Ft. Myers, Fl, the church is located in Bonita Springs, FL.

Hope Lutheran Church in Bonita Springs, FL - Tilt-Up Concrete Panels Architecture by Sheeley Architects, Ft. Myers. The design emphasizes a soaring sanctuary structure.
Architectural Detail - Upward View of Staircase Leading to Ceiling. Focus on Unique Design and Structure.


Our Work

From 400 year-old wood shaped by the earliest Kentuckian’s hands to the cutting edge of building technology, the architecture of Rc3 embraces them all. Building his own custom residential home designs, D. Craig Rushing is following the time-honored history of the Architect - Builder. From traditional to contemporary, the projects of Rc3 are as varied as the clients that we have served.


Lexington, KY



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