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The Shambhala Meditation Center incorporated an existing, simple, 1950's commercial structure with a new 800 sf addition. Having been located next door in a 2-story house for the previous 20 years, the new center accommodates the community in a much more holistic way. A center, not only for meditation, but art and musical performances, it is a fresh addition to the evolving tapestry of downtown Lexington.

Vibrant yellow entrance of Shambhala Meditation Center with bold black numbers and accents reflecting in wet pavement.
Modern yellow façade with black trim at the Shambhala Meditation Center entrance.
Clean architectural lines of the Shambhala Center against a blue sky.
Architectural detail of Shambhala Meditation Center, showing tall, slender windows set against a bright yellow wall, accented by large red planters with dried flowers, reflected in a water puddle.
Spacious interior of the Shambhala Meditation Center's meditation hall, featuring rows of black meditation cushions on polished wood floors, under warm, ambient lighting with a serene altar at the front.
Exterior view of Shambhala Meditation Center featuring a striking yellow wall with contrasting dark wood panels and trim, accented with traditional Eastern design elements.
Serene meditation room at the Shambhala Center with a skylight providing natural light, traditional decor on the walls, and a large gong on the side.
Interior of the Shambhala Meditation Center arranged for a meditation session with blue cushions on the floor, a central red gong, and traditional wall hangings contributing to the calm and spiritual atmosphere.
Architectural feature of Shambhala Meditation Center displaying a stepped skylight that bathes the room in natural light, contrasting with the dimly lit ambiance provided by recessed ceiling lights.
Close-up of a copper water feature with square basins at different levels, creating a tranquil sound of flowing water, set against a pebble-covered ground.
Artistic display within Shambhala Meditation Center, featuring four wall panels with colorful traditional motifs and script, viewed through an open doorway.
Shrine with a vibrant painting above, featuring a red altar adorned with sacred objects, golden fabric, and ritual items, set against a neutral wall.
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