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Samuel's House
(Maker's Mark Museum)

The Samuel's House is Bourbon Country Holy Ground. Having fallen out of the family 50 years ago, the homestead of the Samuel's family was recently aquired. rc3 was enlisted to bring the home into the 21st century, displaying priceless Maker's Mark artifacts in a Bourbon Tour Air-BnB. Combining modern amenities with irreplacable history, the Samuel's House will preserve this legacy.

Maker's Mark wax melter on a wooden shelf, an artifact displayed in Samuel's House for the Bourbon Tour Air-BnB.
Exterior of Samuel's House with brick facade and green door amidst lush greenery, part of the Maker's Mark Museum experience.
Interior of Samuel's House showcasing a brick fireplace adorned with Maker's Mark artifacts and vintage American flag.
Classic staircase with checkered floor pattern inside Samuel's House, reflecting the home's historical charm.
Curved wooden bar displaying a collection of Maker's Mark bourbon bottles and memorabilia in Samuel's House.
Newly installed outdoor patio at Samuel's House surrounded by greenery, enhancing the property's historical significance with modern amenities.
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