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Exterior view of JungHaus with modern black brick facade, concealed roofline, and clear skies.


The JungHaus modern design perfectly mirrors my client's taste. Drawing inspiration from old weathered tobacco barns, the structures massing from the front conceals the expansive glass, walk-out back that has views for miles. Topped with a concealed 40- panel solar array and geo-thermal system, the JungHaus is an energy sipper.

Evening shot of JungHaus entrance with warm interior lighting and modern architecture.
Night view of illuminated JungHaus showcasing large glass windows and expansive outdoor area.
Interior of JungHaus living room with white sectional sofa, modern spherical chandeliers, and high windows.
JungHaus kitchen at night featuring marble countertops, pendant lighting, and an open floor plan.
Dining area in JungHaus with artistic pendant light, contemporary art, and a brick accent wall.
JungHaus open-concept living and dining area with white decor and natural wood accents.
Modern kitchen in JungHaus with marble island, butcher block extension, and sleek cabinetry.
Bright staircase inside JungHaus with wooden steps, cable railings, and tall windows.
Daytime view of JungHaus's modern black brick exterior with distinct geometric shapes and earth-toned landscaping.
Twilight view of JungHaus displaying its expansive glass back and strategic indoor lighting against a dusky sky.
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