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Modern residence with rustic elements, featuring reclaimed timber and stone exterior walls, with a lush green lawn in the foreground.


Constructed using the timbers from a 1790's barn, the Shield House is a reincarnation of ancient wood. Blending steel, glass, stone and timbers, this residence designed and built by rc3 employs several green construction methods, including geothermal, passive solar orientation, spring- fed water supply and low V.O.C. finishes.

Hillside view of Shield House showing its expansive glass windows and the integration of natural materials like stone and wood in its construction.
Spacious interior living space with a stone fireplace, large windows offering views of nature, and a fusion of modern and rustic design aesthetics.
Exposed heavy timber beams, reflecting the historical craftsmanship of the reclaimed wood used throughout the structure.
Interior of Shield House featuring a row of reclaimed wood columns with steel plates, demonstrating the blend of rugged historical materials with contemporary design.
Close-up of a modern staircase in Shield House with reclaimed wooden beams and industrial-style metal and wire railings.
Architectural detail showing the juxtaposition of rugged wooden beams and sleek metal railings in Shield House's staircase design.
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